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16 November 2007 @ 05:00 pm
Member-ai #1  
Uwah, did you hear? Did everyone hear?

That's right, ne! An exciting new project has started where I will be living together with my friends in NewS and KAT-TUN! It's a great idea, isn't it? Because I myself have often wondered what my coworkers do in their free time at home ne! Now I will get to experience it right there right next to them! Koya-chan will definitely do his best to talk about what he is learning while living with all these interesting people. Look forward to it!

I'm so excited that I've had dreams about it already ne; I wonder if they will come true? Will we throw parties together and watch scary movies? Late night karaoke? Trips to the grocery store? Dinner together around the table where we talk about our days? Ah, it's just like a real family! I'm so glad all of the other members are here so we can do this together ne; when we finish this project our bonds of member-ai will definitely be much stronger, right?

Everyone, please watch as NewS becomes more and more and more brotherly, ne! ^_^

In the meantime, I have started moving things in to the room I am going to share with Koki-kun. So far ne, Koya-chan's suitcases take up slightly more than half of the room. ^_^;; But this is because I brought lots of things that will make the days fun! Everyone will definitely want to play Chutes and Ladders with me, right? ^_^

Right now I am putting up posters and pictures of the other members so I won't get lonely at night, also I have kaachan and neechan and Haru-chan's pictures, and Nyanta too! I hope Nyanta won't miss me too much while I'm gone, ne.

Nyanta, if you can read this, hello! Koya-chan misses you too. ^_^

Because I am worried, I have also brought lots of extra things like clothes and blankets and soap; in case Tegoshi or Shige or anyone else has forgotten anything, ne. I definitely made sure to get the kinds they like as well, so they have nothing to worry about! Yamapi, I have lots of spare bottles of our favorite shampoo, ne. ^_-

Uwah, I just found a really big poster of TegoMass! I'll put this right above my bed, ne, it's really, really cute!

As for this journal, I'm still learning how it works properly. ^_^y

But it seems that you can use cute pictures in them when you post! You can have up to six different ones, ne. It's very exciting; in addition to finding some of my own, I have also found a few really neat ones for the other members in case they want to try them as well, ne!

That's right, kitties, ne! I saw these and thought they were really, really cute! Like NewS members!

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Uwah, can you guess who this one reminds me of?

Yup! It's definitely K.K.Kity, ne! How funny! ^_^y The one at the end looks like he has some mischief, ne! I bet that is Notti. The scared looking one on the left must be me. ^_^;;

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Tegomass kitties! So cute! ♥

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Ryo-chan and Ucchan! Can you guess which one is the grumpy one? Teehee!

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This one is definitely Yamakitty, ne. Yappari, somehow he just looks cool no matter what! ♥

Then, that's all for now! I hope members liked the cute pictures I found them! They made me smile, ne! I hope you are all smiling too!

Koya-chan will update again soon!

Until then, take care!

Bye-bye! ♥
koya-chan!: Member-aikeichiro on November 18th, 2007 08:10 am (UTC)
Uwah... *blush blush* No matter how you say it, Yamapi is the leader, isn't he? Please let me continue to support you in anyway possible! That's what member-ai is, ne. ^_^y